Here it goes…

Well hello there. This is it. The beginning, but of what I hear you ask? My name is Hass, I’m from London, England and I live in Toronto, Canada. Just like you, I have a bunch of interests and hobbies. Let’s go through a few right now shall we? I like being well put together, I ❤ coffee and I try to pursue an active lifestyle.

I tend to talk a lot about the things I’m into and with so much passion that on several occasions, my friends have asked to join me on that trip to the museum to see a certain exhibition or to that cafe I always rave on about. A colleague of mine at work convinced me that I should share these interests with the world; a glimpse of my life.

That along with the fact that I’m a Brit in a foreign land makes for a lot of interesting stories! The things I’ve seen, perspectives, the people I’ve met and a few strange/funny encounters are all things to come. I’ll share my insight, experiences and let you into my world by way of this blog.

Stick around for new posts!

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